Worth a Read: 30 Percent of Malware is Zero-Day

http://Approximately 30 percent of malware was classified as new or “zero day” because it was not caught by a legacy antivirus (AV) solution. This confirms that cyber criminals’ capability to automatically repack or morph their malware has outpaced the AV industry’s ability to keep up with new signatures. Without an advanced threat prevention solution, which identifies malware proactively using modern detection techniques, companies would miss almost 1/3 of malware.

Worth a Read: Darien Gap

Source: http://www.darkroastedblend.com/2008/09/darien-gap-most-dangerous-absence-of.html

Worth a Read: Education in Brazil

Interesting read on teaching knowledge, a skill in short supply.I discovered a very strange phenomenon: I could ask a question, which the students would answer immediately. But the next time I would ask the question – the same subject, and the same question, as far as I could tell – they couldn’t answer it at all! I have felt for a long time that the education system is a disaster. We teach so people can be successful is school, not in application of knowledge. This places most of the value on memorization schemes, a very brute force approach.

Source: http://v.cx/2010/04/feynman-brazil-education